How to order a portrait of a pet

It’s no secret that pets are full members of the family. With the help of positive portraits of your pets you’ll create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Specialists do custom pet portraits in different styles. So you can get a portrait in character, an oil portrait and many other great solutions.

Cat or dog portrait on canvas

Art Portrait of a Cat – you’ll hear your furry pet purring at the mere sight of the portrait. No one is as excited to have you home as man’s best friend, the dog. Professional artists will paint your pet from a photo, preserving all its features. You can decorate your apartment, office or country house with such a picture.

However, you can find specialists who paint not only pictures of cats and dogs. Any of your pets deserves their own portrait. Such a painting is a chic and original gift for friends and relatives that will definitely not leave anyone indifferent and will cause a storm of emotions.

Cats and dogs as well as other pets often become full-fledged family members, who are loved, pampered, and given attention in dozens of different ways. And they are also photographed and videotaped to share with friends the funny features of their pet’s behavior, appearance, and character. And, of course, we keep such records as a memento. Another curious and not quite usual way to immortalize the image of your favorite pet – 3D realistic portraits. To create a three-dimensional copy of a pet’s muzzle in a compact frame, natural materials are used. All the work is completely handmade, with meticulous elaboration of details.

Portrait of a dog as a gift idea

Black, white, red and brown pets can be portrayed by the artist both in color and in black and white. As an example – you can order a portrait of your pet in charcoal or paint and get a great result at an affordable cost. All that matters is finding a professional or even a company that can take your order and help you get a great portrait.

Pencil and charcoal portraits are a budget option. Short-haired dogs are effective to draw with a pencil, short shading. Long-haired dogs are better to draw with charcoal. If you want a colorful portrait of your pet, it makes sense to do it in paint. This will be the best solution if you can’t decide on a portrait. At the moment, everyone can take advantage of such a service, so you have a chance to get a great result in the shortest possible time. Just find a good specialist.