How to download a casino

Downloading a casino is a simple task. Button “Download” is hard not to notice. Often it is located in a prominent place on the site of the institution, in addition, it flickers brightly. But still players sometimes encounter some technical difficulties. This is especially true for beginners. And so you can quickly start the game without any unnecessary hitches, follow the step-by-step instructions that we have compiled for you. If you have at least minimal experience downloading any files from the Internet, it will not be difficult. The only difficulty is finding a reliable online casino. You can use https://slots-online-canada.com/review/royal-vegas-casino/ to get reviews about royal vegas flash casino and other modern casinos. If you haven’t had a chance to choose a casino yet, this site will be very useful to you.

What does the download process usually consist of?

  • Finding the “Download” button;
  • Getting a warning about the security of the content;
  • Waiting for the end of the download;
  • Launching the software.


  1. Downloading the software starts after clicking on the “Download” button. It is usually easy to find on the main page and any other page of the official casino website.
  2. After clicking on the download button, there will be a window asking if you want to save the file on your computer or open it. You should choose “Save”, as in this case you can not follow the download process waiting for the installation process to start soon. Alternatively (depending on your browser type) click “Run” and “Ok”.
  3. After choosing to save the installation package to your computer, you will be prompted for a location path. In most cases, the default location will be the desktop. You can leave it as is if you want quick access to the file immediately after downloading. Click “Save” if you agree with the location. If not, select the desired path and click “Ok”.
  4. The file will load relatively quickly due to its small size. A status bar is displayed on the screen.
  5. When the download is complete, select “Run” if you did not save the file, or “Finish” if you saved the file while downloading.
  6. The software will start right away or will be saved to your desktop (if you chose the download path). In any case we advise you to read the installation instructions.

The download time will depend on the speed of your internet connection and the original size of the software. Nevertheless, under normal conditions the download process takes no more than a couple of minutes. Be sure to remember the location of the file, as you will need it for further installation of the casino.

Is the casino to blame for our losses?

When coming to an online casino, no player intends to lose money. On the contrary, he hopes to increase his deposit as much as possible. But, unfortunately, not everyone manages to break the bank. Most gamblers lose their money. Especially such a practice is common among beginners. As a result, after another loss customers begin to blame the casino for all their troubles. The bottom line is that the casino has nothing to do with it. In fact, you can choose any casino with licensed software. You should only be guided by the rating, reviews, blacklist and a number of other criteria that will help you not to fall into the hands of fraudsters. Then everything depends on the account. If you have already run the game of a certain manufacturer on your computer and you were lucky, then there is a chance that this time you will fail.

First of all, you should look for the most reliable casino, and carefully study the reviews of popular sites. For example, you can find canadian online casino reviews at https://slots-online-canada.com/casino-reviews/.