Dosages and rules of admission

Decabol is the name of the injectable steroid Nandrolone , with the anabolic active composition of Decanoate . It is widely distributed in Canada under the names DecaDurabolin , Nandrolona D , Decaver , Decanol and others. You can buy Decabol in ampoules and vials, the price of ampoules is always an order of magnitude higher. Many athletes are wondering whether it is possible to buy Decabol in Canada? The drug can be purchased by leaving an order on our website, in a couple of days we will deliver it anywhere in Canada.  

Deca, as it is often called by athletes, is a compound with good anabolic effects while having minimal risk of adverse reactions. Used by athletes to enhance performance in sports and build muscle. More details on the link: https://theroids.ws/decabol-300/

Decabol is a nandrolone compound to which a long ester, decanoate , is attached to increase the drug’s action time and half-life. In this regard, the drug has a feature that will accelerate for a long time – a long process that can last up to two weeks, and you will begin to feel its effect only at the beginning of the third week of administration. Despite these nuances, nandrolone decanoate will give results for another week, after the end of the course.

There are two forms of Nandrolone , slow is decanoate and fast is phenylpropionate . As you know, the second form is less popular and effective, it grows only in certain courses.

Properties, action and effects 

In terms of anabolic effect, Deca is slightly stronger than testosterone, the anabolic index of Deca is 125%, while testosterone is only 100%. The positive side of nandrolone is its very low androgenic rating – 37%. This is due to the fact that nandrolone is similar to dihydronandrolone , in which androgenic action is practically excluded.

The estrogenic activity of Decabol 200 is very low; it weakly binds to aromatase enzymes. Enzymes responsible for converting androgens to estrogens. It is believed that only about 20% of nandrolone is converted to estrogen. This is because the drug is a progestin (like all 19-nor compounds). 

Nandrolone is not one of those steroids that inflate in a short period of time. Its properties and effects are quite noticeable, but without a sharp start. The drug is suitable for long courses.

In general, the effect of the administration of this compound, is the gradual increase in muscle mass flow and the course or more. With a deck, muscle growth is slow and steady, with little water retention. In contrast, and many steroids, an athlete who was soundboard course, will not lose the kilos more for a long time.

Judging by the reviews, the drug is able to relieve pain and stress from the joints, athletes taking the drug note that in the second week it becomes easier to work with large weights, due to fluid retention, the joints are well lubricated, reducing the risk of serious injuries. All information on the site: https://theroids.ws/

Dosages and rules of admission

The dosage of nandrolone is associated with the development of the athlete in terms of the use of anabolic drugs, this drug is not recommended for beginners. The substance is usually administered once a week. Injections are given intramuscularly, into the buttocks, thigh, or lateral deltas.

A normal dose is usually in the range of 200 to 600 mg per week. You can find the optimal dose for yourself by multiplying 2 – 3 mg per kg of body weight, the result obtained will be the optimal dose for your body.

Nandrolone Decanoate is also popular with female bodybuilders, and take much lower doses than men, averaging around 50 mg per week.

It is recommended to take nandrolone along with testosterone. This will maintain normal levels of physiological testosterone function in an environment where natural testosterone stimulation is stopped or significantly reduced. After each course of soundboard, it is imperative to complete a course after steroid therapy.